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vegan, non-gmo, and no perishables

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introducing your new meal plan


Each packet makes 1-2 servings in under 5 minutes by just adding hot water. Check out the 'how to' videos on our product pages to see exactly how we like to make them.


We source our recipes from the community so we know they're authentic. All our ingredients are vegan, non-GMO, locally sourced, and have no preservatives, plus we make everything from scratch.


Each packet lasts up to two weeks when refrigerated and up to 3 months in the freezer. You can make it fit your schedule so you always have fresh food on hand when you want it.

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how it works

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the people have spoken


it all started with a homesick student...


About a year ago, we discovered something that children from other cultures have known for years -- their favorite home food is delicious but nothing tastes like our mom's cooking. We missed it so much that we thought, why not harness those traditional recipes and share it with the world!

The Buttermilk Company started in July 2017 in Seattle, WA. We are hoping to expand nationwide soon, so let us know where we should go next!


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what's inside?

Real stuff. No, seriously.

We procure fresh ingredients from local suppliers to make your packets as soon as you order them. Our packets are completely vegan, free of preservatives and extra sodium, and are non-GMO. You can find a full list of ingredients on the back of each packet and under the product description on our shop. Since our ingredients are all fresh, our packets are perishable. We recommend keeping packets refrigerated until their 'make by' dates, which are usually 1-2 weeks out (if you can wait that long!)

And to keep our packets authentic, our recipes aren't developed by some fancy in-house chef. We harness the creativity and skill of the community by gathering their favorite family recipes and making them for you.



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