We're lucky enough to have some really cool blogs + press cover us :) Check it out!

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Table Manners Aside

Temi + Mariam post about cool recipes, restaurants, and food-related events in the Seattle area. We were so excited for them to try Buttermilk + share their experience!

Seattle Magazine

This beloved publication is read by Seattlites everywhere + they cover cool happenings all around the city. Some of their editors got to try Buttermilk for themselves during our early stages!

Product Hunt

Now this wasn't technically 'press'...but we did get to share Buttermilk with the larger tech community! It's a cool place to answer questions and see reviews from our early adopters!

Emma's Edition

Emma is an established Seattle blogger who shares everything from fashion to career advice. She was one of the first people to try Buttermilk!

NW Asian Weekly Magazine

A reporter from NW Asian Weekly followed us during our Beta launch days + reports on the behind-the-scenes of launching Buttermilk!