daal + rice

daal + rice


• [dh-aal] + [baas-muh-thee] • 

We all know + love daal -- in fact, it's our most popular packet! -- and one of the best ways to enjoy it is mixing it with basmati rice. The daal spices mix in perfectly with the rice, making for a filling + delicious meal. Add some Indian pickle on the side for added spice, or eat it as is for lunch or dinner!

For more info on each, check out daal and basmati rice.

Note: Available for a limited time only, and in limited quantities!

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Best meal for

Lunch or dinner



Tomato, Split pigeon peas (Toor Daal), Split mung beans (Moong Daal), Cilantro, Yellow split peas (Chana Daal), Vegetable Oil, Salt, Cumin Seeds, Asefotida, Ginger, Turmeric, Curry Leaves, Green Chili, Red Chilies, Basmati Rice